Did you Know...
... That there's a freeware program almost as good as photoshop? It's called Gimp and is 100% supported by Kengine.


Oh, hey, I guess I missed you when you came in. Go ahead and make yourself at home. Welcome to Kengine Gaming. This is where I will host all of the freeware games and programs that I make in my spare time. Thats right, feel free to download any of them and enjoy. Most of my games are the type of small games that you play in your spare time. If, however, you like them so much that you make time to play them, all the better!

Rosetta Stone banner image
Whether you’re playing Greek number mode or Egyptian letter mode, the number one rule to keep in mind is keeping the scales balanced...
Downloads 22574

Cell Burst banner image
7 weapons, 8 game modes, 12 levels, 96 ways to play...
But whose counting anyway?
Downloads 10126

Puck banner image
A puzzler with nearly fifty levels and a level editor. It will keep you puzzling for hours!
Downloads 13096

Explogen v2 banner image
All game makers can now create original explosions for a variety of game styles and types, including top-down and platform.
Downloads 59073